Miller Mendel’s eSOPH system credited with removing challenges for military applicants.

September 24, 2013

Miller Mendel’s eSOPH system credited with removing challenges for military applicants.

Seattle, WA. The King County Sheriff’s Office recently credited Miller Mendel’s eSOPH background investigation software system with helping their agency process and hire military applicants. The King County Sheriff’s Office has been using eSOPH exclusively since December 1, 2011.

KCSO Administrative Specialist Alexandra Ehlert said a number of KCSO’s applicants for sworn and non-sworn positions are commonly in active military status, and their obligation with the armed forces ends the following months.

Ehlert said eSOPH has allowed those military applicants deployed in other countries the ability to receive and complete the various background documents securely, via the web-based eSOPH system. Ehlert explained that before KCSO switched to eSOPH, paper background documents had to be mailed back and forth, creating significant delays and concern over the potential of sensitive data being lost or stolen.

eSOPH continues to modernize the pre-employment background investigation process for a positive experience for both the applicant and the agency.


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