Data Privacy And Security Concerns Surface Related To Guardian Background System

November 3, 2020

Data Privacy And Security Concerns Surface Related To Guardian Background System

Seattle, WA, November 3, 2020 – Miller Mendel, Inc. recently became aware of the Guardian Alliance Technologies (“Guardian”) feature called the National Applicant Information Center (“NAIC”). As explained on Guardian’s website and sales video, the NAIC database created by Guardian warehouses applicants’ personal and private data. Guardian describes collecting applicant personal and private data from numerous agencies and sharing that information between them in a manner that Miller Mendel believes constitutes the commercialization of private applicant data to third parties.

The NAIC raises potential legal and ethical concerns, particularly with regard to the commercial use of an applicants’ private data, as well as the potential negative impacts it can have for public safety agencies and their applicants. To explore these risks, Miller Mendel engaged its legal counsel, Emily Maass of Immix Law Group, to evaluate Guardian’s data handling practices as described in its video, and to provide her feedback, which is included in this letter. Click here to continue reading the letter and attachments.


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