Orleans Parish 9-1-1 Implements eSOPH As Part Of The Agency’s Strategic Goals To Improve Hiring Efficiencies.

June 7, 2019

Orleans Parish 9-1-1 Implements eSOPH As Part Of The Agency’s Strategic Goals To Improve Hiring Efficiencies.

New Orleans, LA.   On Thursday, March 21, 2019, the Orleans Parish 9-1-1 Communications District (OPCD) began implementation of eSOPH, Miller Mendel’s pre-employment background investigation software system. eSOPH is specifically designed for the public safety pre-employment background investigation process. Public safety agencies using the system estimate a time reduction of 30% to 60% per investigation, and a significant reduction in the use of costly resources such as paper, ink, postage and filing space. The OPCD intends to process at least 100 pre-employment background investigations over a twelve-month time period using eSOPH.

On behalf of the OPCD, the eSOPH transition project was led by Executive Director Tyrell Morris and Human Resources Director David Taylor. The OPCD is the first 9-1-1 agency within the state of Louisiana to implement eSOPH. OPCD joins the New Orleans Police Department in their use of the eSOPH system.


Orleans Parish (New Orleans, LA), was established in 1807 and includes a resident population of approximately 391,000. The city is named after the Duke of Orleans, who reigned as Regent for Louis XV from 1715 to 1723, as it was established by French colonists and strongly influenced by their European culture. The parish is known for French and Spanish Creole architecture, as well as diverse cultural and multilingual heritage.

The OPCD was formed in 1982 to provide 9-1-1 and non-emergency call taking functions and related dispatch services to/for first responders. OPCD is the primary public safety answering point for New Orleans Police Department, Fire Department and EMS. The OPCD has a total staff of about 130 personnel, about 120 which serve as call takers and dispatchers and the remaining as administration and support staff. OPCD personnel are strategically organized into different units of the agency to best accomplish the agency’s overall mission and goals. Those units include Operations, Training and Compliance, Information Technology, Finance, Facilities, 311, Public Engagement and Human Resources.


Miller Mendel, Inc. (“MMI”) creates, sells and supports its software technology solutions for local, state and federal public safety agencies. MMI’s primary focus is to turn past practices used by city, county and state government into efficient and cost-effective electronic solutions. MMI is known for creating category leading systems and providing responsive, exceptional support to all our clients. MMI places great pride in straightforward and transparent operational practices that foster a high level of respect and praise from our government clients.

Miller Mendel Contact:

Tyler Miller
tjm@ MillerMendel.com

OPCD Contact:

Marcus Creel
OPCD Public Engagement Manager
mcreel@ 911nola.org

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