Pima County Sheriff’s Department Joins Four Other Arizona Law Enforcement Agencies in their Transition to eSOPH

June 12, 2020

Pima County Sheriff’s Department Joins Four Other Arizona Law Enforcement Agencies in their Transition to eSOPH

Tucson, Arizona.  The Pima County Sheriff’s Department joined more than 60 public safety agencies (and 1,600+ agency users) around the country who have transitioned their pre-employment background investigations process to eSOPH. In Arizona, the Arizona Department of Public Safety, Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office, Mesa Police Department and Scottsdale Police Department have also transitioned to the eSOPH background investigation system. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department expects to process approximately 600 pre-employment background investigations over a 12-month period using eSOPH.

In addition to taking advantage of eSOPH’s industry-leading standard functionality, the Pima County Sheriff’s Department is also utilizing the optional, integrated smart fax service. eSOPH’s smart fax service automatically reads and then routes documents received via fax from other law enforcement agencies to the correct applicant file, attaches the received documents to the correct reference within the applicant file and notifies the investigator. Background Investigators no longer have to manually scan and upload faxes received in hard copy.

eSOPH, which stands for electronic Statement of Personal History, has been used by city, county and state police agencies to conduct over 70,000 pre-employment public safety background investigations. Public safety agencies using the system estimate a time savings ranging from 30 percent to 60 percent per investigation and a significant reduction in the use of costly resources such as paper, ink, postage and filing space. Agencies using eSOPH are able to collect more information regarding an applicant’s history and overall suitability to serve in a position of public trust.

“In a particularly important time in our nation, eSOPH is helping law enforcement agencies across the nation better assess individual applicant’s suitability for positions in public trust,” said Tyler Miller, president and CEO of Miller Mendel, Inc., the creator of eSOPH. “In a single platform, eSOPH gives agencies additional tools and resources to better assess applicant suitability while also reducing the time traditionally taken to complete less comprehensive background investigations. We are committed to helping our law enforcement partners make the best hiring decisions to promote public trust in our nation’s law enforcement.”


The Pima County Sheriff’s Department serves a county population of approximately 1,027,000 and spans 9,189 square miles. It is the 7th largest sheriff’s office/department in the nation with over 515 sworn personnel and over 800 non-sworn personnel. The Sheriff’s Department is organized into three bureaus: Corrections, Support and Operations. The Pima County Sheriff’s Department is led by Sheriff Mark Napier, who was elected by Pima County residents in 2016.


Miller Mendel, Inc. (“MMI”) creates, sells and supports its software technology solutions for local, state and federal public safety agencies, and is the holder of two patents (U.S. Patent No. 9070098 and U.S. Patent No. 10043188) related to the features of its flagship product, eSOPH. Our primary focus is to turn past practices used by city, county and state government into efficient and cost-effective electronic solutions. MMI is known for creating category leading systems and providing responsive, exceptional support to all our clients. We place great pride in straightforward and transparent operational practices that foster a high level of respect and praise from our government clients.

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